Your wardrobe should always have some basic items that can create different outfits. Today’s item is the White Shirt.

There are different ways you can wear a basic white shirt::

  • Dressed up for Work Or Dressed down for a day out
  • With a pencil Skirt or a pencil Pant
  • With a pair of Jeans or with Jeans Shorts
  • Under a dress or under a sweater

I happen to be wearing one today not so Basic in my case as I sometimes prefer to give it a bit of an Omph .  Checkout these awesome ideas of how you can pair a very Basic White Shirt:


You do not have to buy an expensive one . It just needs to fit right .

The featured short in my picture was from Victoria secret online for $19.99.

H&M and Forever 21 carry good quality button down shirts under $20.




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