When it comes to bathing suits, it ‘s all about knowing your body and what’s comfortable for you.

Finding the right bathing suit could take years after so many trials and errors.  But once you do, I would say hold on to that style.  I personally don’t like to have different tan lines so I tend to buy the same bathing suits in different colors. Some people don’t mind having multiple tan lines, Again do whatever works for you.

Don’t Compromise on the size.  Knowing your size is key.  You want your bathing suit to be flattering and accentuating what you consider your best body feature. Wearing a smaller, tight bathing suit would make you look bigger than you should be.  It can create unnecessary muffin tops, does not support right, Boob spillage, unwanted Butt cracks to name a few.

Comfort is Key. You also want your bathing suit to be comfortable, and easy to move in.  If you are a crazy mom like me that runs around with the kids, Boogie-boarding, snorkeling, beach ball and everything else, you do not want a wardrobe malfunction at the beach not when all you are wearing is your bikini.

Know your Body.The Most flattering Bikini top for all busts is usually the simple Triangle Top.  If you find something you love, you should buy two because you might never find it again.  Some women prefer Monokinis, Tankinis, One piece, but whatever it is make sure you love it before you walk out of the door because we “women” are our worst critics.

Here is a cool article I found that helps guide you chose your bathing suit based on your body shape.

My favorite bikini line has been the BIA by VixSwimewear. The whole line is adorable, and they carry cool accessories to go with everything. It is a rather expensive line, but I have never bought one piece full price.  I  buy a couple of mix & match colors that I can use with my previous ones and switch them.  I also do extensive research online to find which place has the best deals.



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