When deciding what to wear to the beach or pool, don’t sweat it , it’s supposed to be a fun relaxing day.

  • If you are going to the beach and know that you will be getting down and dirty with the kids or friends then keep it super simple.  A plain jeans shorts and tank top are cute and effortless.
  • If you are going to a pool party and know you might not even touch the water, then it would be more fun to  wear a more put together outfit.

Here are some cute looks that could go for either scenarios.

Beach Style

Add some cool accessories to make your look more fun. 

  • Hats: Wear a Trucker hat to keep it simple or embellish your look with a Fedora or a Floppy hat, or even cowboy hat.


Beach Totes


Beach Jewelery

  • Complete your look with sunglasses and some appropriate footwear.

When in doubt :  Don’t dress up to the beach, it’s  too tacky.  Leave the heels at home, not the place for it. Leave your diamonds at home, n one wants to see them.


Enjoy the end of the summer and remember to go shopping now for next summer.  It’s the best time to shop for Summer essentials.  Checkout my TIPS section.


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