Because I am so addicted to Black dresses, I am always on the hunt for good more affordable ones.  They have to be stylish, cute, good quality so they can last “Forever”, and more importantly Cheap.

But how can you get all that one???   Well knowing where to look and shop is key!!!

I obviously shop for different styles in different places, as you can never find them all in one place.


Although you can find casual LBDs in many places, I have found that Forever 21’s Contemporary line has had great selections for less.  I also find good looking ever day dresses at H&M, Macys, Zara, and Marshalls.  But there are cute web sites that have cool dresses for less.  Are they always the best quality, I don’t think so but good enough to last a season or two.  You get what you pay for after all.



Shopping for Business dresses has been a no brainer for me in terms of what style I find most fashionable, affordable, and chic in terms of material.  Calvin Klein Business Dresses line has been my favorite in the past years.  Why?  They always come up with new cute, Timeless stylesThe are affordable, comfortable, and really good quality.  The thing is the you find them in all sorts of department stores like MacysDillard’s, Belk, among others but they ran somewhere between $50 and $200.  No way will I ever pay that much.  The good news is that the same styles are always found in discounted stores like Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack within the same season for a fraction of the price.  They usually run somewhere between $29 and $49.



I like to switch up where to get Party dresses from.  Mine can vary widely in price depending where I find them.  I recently bought a couple of beautiful dresses at H&M for $10 because the were on clearance .  I love Bebe & BCBG when they have a sale obviously because they are more on the pricy side.  But when they have clearance it’s hard to pass on good quality dresses like he 40% going on now.  BEBE & BCBG also tend to be in most outlets.

On the less pricy side, you can find at Macys when you have coupons combined with sales prices of course.  Lulus  is another favorite of mine and of course searching online for good deals.

d4bebe347e9dfa7a69d5cc054d035a84Checkout my Post on picking the right LBD for the right Occasion.


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