Rules, Rules, Rules…..

In my opinion there are way too many rules about wearing white that should totally be broken:

  • Don’t’ wear white past August
  • Don’t Mix white with white
  • Don’t wear white to a wedding
  • Don’t wear black shoes with white
  • Don’t wear white in the City

Ahhhhhh, no, no, no thank you.  Where is the fun in not going wild and doing your thing.

Well, White is as elegant as black, and could be worn anytime of the year and still looks great.  Mixing white with white is also gorgeous, when done right of course.   And the old rule of wearing nude shoes or sandals instead of black needs to be completely vetoed ASAP.  Checkout all these cool ways to wear white and be the judge.

White could be worn to pretty much any event, any time of the day, any month of the year.  Forget the rules, be the exception.




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