NEW ORLEANS, LA - DECEMBER 31: Macy's at Lakeside Mall is decorated for Christmas on December 04, 2014 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Josh Brasted/Getty Images)


If you are a Macy’s shopper and you do not know they hidden secrets about savings you are in for a treat .

First, if you walk in to a Macy’s department store cash register and you do not carry any coupons, always ask the cashier if they have anything to offer because 90% they do and they are pretty good about honoring them in general .

Second, they might tell you they do but you have to be a credit card holder to be able to use it .  Well not true,  what you could do is ask for what the total would be with the coupon, then proceed to purchase a cash card for the exact amount and pay with it .

Third, if you are at a different state and end up at Macy’s , you can simply go to their customer service office and ask for “Out of state, or out of the country discount” and they usually present you with an 11% discount that you could use all day . You would have to show either your ID or you passport .

Fourth, if you are a Macy’s credit card holder, You will be receiving in the mail monthly coupons which you could use both in the store and online . But if you have an online account, you would see a coupon wallet which you can use upon checking out .

Fifth, if you are not s credit card holder , there are two websites that you can use upon checkout and use the best coupon at the time . Retailmenot and Saving Secrets .

Sixth. If you have a coupon let’s say $20 off of $50 purchase and your purchase is over $100. Instead of using one and save only $20, you should ask the cashier to break your purchase in two and use the coupon twice which allows you to end up saving $40 . This is true for all of their coupons that have $$$amount savings .

Most importantly don’t skip on their sales racks, they tend to have amazing savings that you can combine coupons with.



Happy shopping  at Macy’s.

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