When I first found out I was having a baby girl , I went crazy. I was beyond excited , overjoyed, and simply in tears . As I say in my Bio I always wanted to have a girl so this was a dream come true . Well my husband knew exactly what was coming , shopppinggg!!

Every accessory out there I was going to buy ,but I knew I had to keep my  cost low so I can buy more haha .

Bows, hair bands, hair clips , hats, tights , shoes , you name it I was buying it .

So here is what I did , I looked very hard at cost before I did anything .

  • When it comes to hair bows, hair bands and hair clips , the prices started to range from $4 a piece to over $10 a piece . Might I say Heck no . I went to eBay and researched more and ended up buying these for very cheap. Where do they come from ? Well China but the truth all the bows and hair bands you are buying in the US are made in China so did I do ? I cut the middle man because again I know how much of a mark up stores add on the cost price .  I ended up making these adorable hair bows and head bands holders for them because I had so many to organize . The quality is great and they are very durable






  • Hats , I tend to buy hats off season . So summer hats are bought in the fall when sales are in and winter hats are bought after Christmas. I end up buying a $12-15 hat for a few dollars .
  • Tights , are the same concept as hats buy them off season for the following year, you can buy more for a fraction .  Gymboree lowers their rights from $8 to $1.99 a piece .
  • Jewelry, could be more expensive for some reason especially when it’ first out but with the use of coupons you can definitely bring the cost down.  I suggest signing up to receive emails notifications from kids stores that you like to know when there is a sale going on.
  • Shoes , I love shoes do I buy way too many but every time I find a cheap pair even if it’s big I would buy up and save it .

H&M, Gymboree, Carter’s, Oshkosh Bgosh,  The Children’s Place tends to carry cute girls accessories that are very affordable especially when they are on sale.

Make me proud and shop smart and checkout these adorable girls accessories.



This kids store Janie&Jack  has the most adorable collections ever but unfortunately it is pricey. Checkout some of their accessories:




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