Happy New Year Everyone.  I hope 2017 comes with Love, health, wealth, and much more.


Ok so I am not really much of  a regular workout person.  I am one of those who exercises when Spring comes to be ready for the Summer.  Winter comes and I hibernate from the San Diego cold weather. Yes I know, I know people are laughing.  But once you live in San Diego, you become a sissy when it comes to weather;  Below 60s and you are freezing haha.

But, here is the thing, I was at my ideal weight goal this past Summer, and I totally gained more weight that I would like to in the past couple of months.  So now that I am back to working out, I have to do it in style.  There is something about wearing the right cute outfit that adds more happiness to my workout time.  Let me hear an AMEN if you agree!!!!

Since its the new year, most people start workout resolutions.  Well I am not here to help you out with that since I get bored and I like to switch up and do my thing.  My go to workout is Barre hands down, it just works every inch of my body but to each their own of course.  But I can totally help you out find the cute affordable workout outfits.


First, when you choose an outfit, make sure it hugs your body in the right places, that’s super important.

Second, each person will be comfortable in a different way with how much skin to show.

Third, budget matters very much.  I Love LuluLemon, and Fabletics styles, but I personally cannot justify paying that much money for Active wear, so I tend to look for better deals.

  • When it comes to tops, I like bras that have cool back details, and shirts that highlight those details.
  • When it comes to Bottoms, I like detailed Capri Leggings which elongate my legs and hug them just right.

But these are my preferences, so check out these cool ideas of workout outfits.


Now the question, where do I go shopping for theses?

I have been loving Forever21 Active wear lately.  It’s just super cute and super affordable.  It has many of the high end styles but on a good budget. Their prices start as low as $5, you just can’t beat that.



H&M Sportswear a bit more toward the $15 and up budget but still affordable.



GAPFit Not my favorite but still more affordable that other brands.  Although some items are pricier, when on sale the price is reasonable.




OLD Navy Active starting as low as $7


C9 By Champion at Target, although this line has a variety of super cute styles, I just cannot justify paying $20 for a sports bra that I can get for a fraction of the price.  So if it’s on sale then yes, otherwise I would pass on it personally as the choices elsewhere are endless.

Have Fun working Looking fabulous!!!!


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